Mr. Netwerk: Meet Britt Wright

A few months ago, the girls here at BGF returned to D.C. for the Broccoli City Music Festival.  After attending a party featuring stumbling drunk girls, unnecessary fights, and an unspeakable odor, we were in desperate need of a more tolerable lituation. Enter “Views from the Grits.”

When we walked into Chinese Disco in Georgetown, we were welcomed by Britt Wright, the founder of “View From the Grits.” After Britt made sure we each received the glow stick color of our choice, we knew it was about to be a good time. The fried chicken, eggs, bacon, cornbread waffle and (of course) grits were the perfect precursor to our bottomless mimosas, tequila sunrises, and libations we can no longer remember. Finally, when the DJ played a variety of songs from “Saturday Love” to “My Patna Dem” it was solidified that “Views From the Grits” was sent from the heavens.

Here we are with our additional home girls at the event!

With all this being said, we had to catch up with the founder of the event, Britt, and figure out how he’s created a unique event where young professionals can successfully exchange numbers for professional and cuffing purposes.

Britt Wright himself. Image credit: Instagram (@brittwright_)

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where did you go to school? What’s your professional background? What do you like to do?
Well, my name is Britt, it isn’t short for anything, just Britt. I’m from Richmond, Virginia. I went to George Mason University for Undergrad, received my Bachelors in Communication. I’m Currently in grad school at the University of Maryland, College Park pursuing my MBA. I’m currently a Sales Manager for Altria Group, Inc. I like to listen to Soulection Radio, play Billiards, read the Wall Street Journal, when I’m not at work, class, or hanging out with friends.

What is Views From the Grits?
It’s a Pop-Up Brunch/Day Party  born in Washington D.C. that encourages young professionals to celebrate life. The event features brunch catered by a local upcoming chef, beats by well known DJs, and unique marketing that embodies the “Drake Theme” we built the event off of the album “Views From The 6.” “We” is Michell C. Clark, a budding influencer on the East Coast and myself.

What inspired you to create this event?
Last year Michell and I began dialogue about creating an event. There’s a large annual festival in D.C. called, “Broccoli City Festival” that aligned with our target audience. Michell hit me and said, ‘Bro, we have to do something.” thus the event was born. We were inspired to give D.C. something unique, outside of the typical brunch at your local club, we wanted to be different, yet inclusive.

Image credit: Instagram (@brittwright_)

Who are the events geared towards/ What is your target audience?
Everyone who listens to Drake essentially, appreciates gourmet brunch, and drink specials. Oh and they have to  respect good music outside of what’s heard on the radio.

Why do you think your events are important to our community?
Now more than ever we have to celebrate each other, band together, and  hold each other accountable. Interacting in a social setting, builds relationships that may produce a lifelong connection. It could be business, friendship, or love, but it’s still imperative we have a place to foster that type of communication and not hate on each other from afar.

What challenges have you faced starting Views From The Grits?
It’s been great working with Michell, can’t speak to any challenges, other than expanding into other markets where we don’t necessarily have the same relationships with venues/audience, but….we’re working on that!

The music and food at the event were on point. How did you choose the DJs and chef for the event?
Research. I wish I could say, we just “pick” whoever. Michell and I spend a lot of time attending events, taking note of the DJs, and then figuring out which pair would work best for our audience. DJs have different followings and sounds, it’s important to us that Views is balanced. Chef’s are a bit different, you can’t listen to them, you have to try their food, so we find events they’re hosting, and grub.

Do you do other events?
Yes, Views From The Grits is one event in my portfolio. There’s also #CurationDC, #BlackAlumniBall, The BANExpo, Hip Hop Yoga, and The Ugly Sweater Trap House just to name a few. For more information on those events visit my site at S/O to my partners The Network D.C., Chazz, Breauna, and of course Michell.

What do you hope to see from social events geared for Black millennials in the future?
Consistency and diversity. It’s easy to push the same button over and over, but if there’s one thing I know about, Black Millennials is we like exclusivity and newness, idk if that’s a word. Events with a purpose always have staying power, Black Millennials are always about supporting a cause, those trends should keep us engaged until we pass the torch to the next generation.  

Image credit: Instagram (@brittwright_)

What are some of your favorite events to attend?
I appreciate anything involving the arts and Hip-Hop culture. If I can sit on a boat, listen to Biggie, with food I’m in great shape, but to the original question…I like events I’m involved with, but to really answer the questions, I’d have to say anything all “RnB” like Colors.

Do you plan to expand?
Absolutely, stay tuned!

Anything you want to share that we didn’t touch on?
Yes, couple things. Go Cowboys, The Black Panther Movie is about to be LIT, and Alina Baraz (Singer) is Bae.

To keep up with Britt and his events follow him on Instagram @brittwright_ and visit his website!

Author: Noelle Bailey

Hey! I'm Noelle. I'm a LA native and self-proclaimed professional daydreamer. When I'm not working I love to blog, enjoy a good view, design, or nap. I love understanding what motivates people, what discourages them and everything in between. Follow my daydreams @noelledaydream on Instagram.

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