#TeamIssa vs. #TeamLawrence

insecure-1349Our favorite show is BACK! If you haven’t watched the first season of Insecure then you’re slacking and honestly missing out on everything you didn’t know you needed in life. Issa Rae is bae of the year, hell probably even the decade. She started out on YouTube with Awkward Black Girl and subsequently got her show Insecure on HBO.

At the end of Season 1 I was #TeamIssa all the way. And don’t get me wrong, I in no way, shape or form condone Issa cheating on Lawrence, but I understand why and how she got to that point. In my head Issa is one of my Besties and as a best friend you support your girl through her right and wrong just like Molly has been doing.

Season 2 opens up with Issa daydreaming, like always, and thinking that her and Lawrence are finally about to come to good terms but we quickly realize that that ain’t happening. Lawrence has been out here hoeing with Tasha which he has every right to do, but homeboy needs to listen to some Solange because he can’t sex away his issues. Homie is still living with his homeboy on a blow-up bed and still hasn’t talked to Issa about what happened. Granted, he may not be ready to talk but come on now, it’s been 2 months. He’s gonna have to face his problems at some point.giphy1

Issa is still having a rough time at We Got Y’all and I’m just like dang, Issa needs a WIN, badly. Homegirl can’t seem to catch a break. On the flip-side her BFF Molly seems to be making strides in the right direction. She is seeing a therapist which I think is GREAT because let’s be honest. Black people have a lot of unresolved issues that we just compress without actually getting to the root cause. I think the Insecure team is on point for highlighting the stigma around mental health in the black community amongst a slew of other issues we have going on.

At the end of the first episode we see that Lawrence finally comes by to pick up his mail and in the midst gives Issa an angry/confusing/hurt few seconds of dick and then is on his way. That moment signified how both of them have been feeling regarding their beak-up. Both Issa and Lawrence are broken AF and need to sit down and have a real conversation about their relationship since both parties played a role in their demise. At the end of the day I’m still #TeamIssa but even more so #TeamIssaAndLawrenceInAProductiveRelationship.

What are y’all’s thoughts on the episode?

One thought

  1. I’m #TeamIssa. Part of me is like YES GIRL take whatever you can get so if he throwing the D then catch it. Then part of me is like NO GIRL you want so much more than that even though I know she doesn’t necessarily deserve it. I want them to talk like adults should but if Lawrence ain’t ready I can’t be mad at him. I hope they get through this.


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