Messy Messy

Insecure Recap 1

So let me start this Recap out by saying where the hell are the condoms in this show? Per Issa’s twitter they place them strategically in the scenes but I never saw one until she pointed it out. As much sex as we see in this show and as real as they are about everything else I’m surprised it hasn’t been a scene or conversation on the show. I’m happy that other people out there also saw the lack in promoting safe sex.

On to the recap. DANIEL IS BACK!!!! And still fine AF!

We see the super awkward exchange between Issa and Daniel at the beginning of Kiss & Grind. But by the end it looks like they’re homies again. In the midst of the Kiss & Grind party we see Issa get swerved by hella fine model Broderick Hunter. He straight up played her to the left cuz her hair was different in person. Lol petty.

Molly is getting a little too cozy with her homeboy Dro. I lowkey saw this coming from last episode when Molly saw Dro and his Wifey in the donut shop. You could feel the tension. Not to mention Molly wants what they seem to have on the outside. Then we find out that homie is in an “Open Marriage” and he’s down for whatever happens.

Don’t do it girl. You’re gonna catch feelings and it’s just going to get hella messy. I’m proud of Molly tho, Dro was tryna roll through and she was like Nah, can’t even do it. 

Lawrence oh Lawrence.

I don’t know why Lawrence was trying to act like he didn’t know he was a mark. Those two girls saw their prey and went in for the kill. He should have known what was up from jump. But he loves to play the clueless and innocent roll. Smh. Things took a weird turn during the threesome and honestly that was a lot for my poor eyes to take in. But let’s be honest we ALL know why they picked him. I hate to play into stereotypes but the way they were talking in line at the grocery store you could tell that they were after one thing. And his race had everything to do with it. THEN we see Lawrence sitting outside of The Dunes after his “fun time” with thing one and two. Like bruh, you still ain’t learned that you want Issa back. He’s been fighting it all season. We all know the Issa and Lawrence chapter isn’t done but he doesn’t want to accept it yet. He’s out here trying to drown his sorrows in meaningless sexual encounters and it’s clearly not working. You gotta boss up bruh. 

Now that Daniel is back in the picture I’m interested to see how this will play out. I’m wondering if we’re gonna get some crazy encounter where all three of them are present. What y’all think? Drop some comments below. 

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