Satisfy Your Binge Watching Cravings With the #Adulting Series

For those of us in need of some additional entertainment between Insecure episodes every Sunday, our fellow Howard sister, Eboni Price, has a solution. The first episode of season 2 of #Adulting just premiered on Youtube this week. Meaning, you have several episodes to catch-up on.

Created by Price, #Adulting is a series for millennials, by millennials. Surrounded around the lives of five Black millennials transitioning from college into adulthood, this show aims to “update the narrative” on the “American Dream” (or lack thereof).

The series explores various topics from dating , gaining a job, and adjusting to life after college for the first generation of men and women in which technology and social media play a major part in these aspects of life. The show can be found on Youtube via the Millennial Media Project channel!

Author: Noelle Bailey

Hey! I'm Noelle. I'm a LA native and self-proclaimed professional daydreamer. When I'm not working I love to blog, enjoy a good view, design, or nap. I love understanding what motivates people, what discourages them and everything in between. Follow my daydreams @noelledaydream on Instagram.

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