Cups? For your period? Huh?

So I’ve been seeing a bunch of “alternative” products out there for our menstrual cycle. Products like “period panties”, menstrual cups and even cannabis infused products that aim to help with cramps (definitely want to try this but I doubt it’s legal here in TX). I did a lot of research on different cups and The Diva Cup seemed to be the most popular one.

I was a little apprehensive to try it after hearing some people’s horror stories about how theirs completely flipped (while inside them) letting out all the blood that had been in the cup, others talking about how it had a horrible smell, but for the most part The Diva Cup got way more good reviews than bad. Hence, I decided to give it a try. I mean, I’ve been using tampons and pads since I got my first period…they work okay but I liked the appeal of The Diva Cup.

It’s advertised to be able to be kept in for up to 8 hours, cuts down on hella waste, and lasts anywhere from 1-10 years.  Now, I can be a bit on the frugal side and I was surprised when I went to the store to pick this thing up and it was $40. I mean $40 is a lot of money to be spending on a little silicone cup. However, once you factor in the cost of pads and tampons on a yearly basis the $40 doesn’t seem too bad. It’s re-usable and is made of medical grade silicone so it shouldn’t break down or cause any type of infection. However, I still wasn’t down with that $40 price tag. I went on Amazon and found it for $27. (S/O’s to my Ganshe and her Amazon Prime account)

The cup came in the mail right on day 2 of my period, you know right when the flow starts to kick in and you feel like you may actually die at any moment. It came with a pamphlet of instructions, a cute little pouch to keep the cup in and a coupon for Diva Wash which is recommended as the best way to clean the cup.  IMG_0151

Mind you I had watched and read a lot about the cup so I figured it would be a breeze and I’d have no problems. I was wrong. Oh so wrong. Some people are able to stand while putting the cup in or prop one leg up Captain Morgan style. I struggled for a good hour trying to get this thing in there and had almost given up but then I tried putting it in while sitting on the toilet, this was the best method for me. I’ve learned with this thing that you really have to figure out what works best for your body. I will say, I don’t really like how up close and personal I had to be in order to get this thing in there properly but once in there it doesn’t feel like much and I pretty much forgot about it after a while. When I say after a while I mean like after a day or two of use.

My first day with the cup was a disaster which I kind of touched on a bit earlier. Took me a good hour to even get the cup in. Once I finally got it in it was super uncomfy and I didn’t feel the suction or ease of twisting the base of the cup like they say you are supposed to. So I took it out again (which was painful for me personally) and tried to reinsert. The second time I got it in there successfully and kind of laid around the house for a couple of hours. One of my homegirl’s happened to FaceTime me and we were just catching up. I asked her if she had ever tried using the cup and by my surprise she had. She gave me some good tips and pretty much told me I just had to “feel it out” which in my head I’m like uhhhh…that’s a lot. I mean I am actively bleeding right now. But hey, what better way to learn your body, so I went back in for a third time and got it right. I wore it overnight, initially I was super paranoid and hypersensitive about everything going on in my nether regions but I went to sleep and woke up with no issues. I was actually pleasantly surprised. I still haven’t been brave enough to leave the house with it but I’m sure I’ll try it out next period.


  1. The cup protects you for up to 8 hours. I wore it for about 6 and it wasn’t even half full when I took it out (even on my heaviest day) so don’t worry.
  2. Cost. I paid $30 for the cup and haven’t had to buy any additional products since my purchase. Granted I already had a stock of pads at home for the added protection but I’m sure as I get more comfortable with the cup I’ll probably forgo wearing the pad with it. Although, personally at times I felt like the cup added to my cramps (which could completely be a mental thing) but I do enjoy a free flow with just a pad when I’m lounging at home from time to time.
  3. I FELT SO CLEAN. Lets be real here, tampons always leak and wearing pads is just a literal mess. I really enjoyed the feeling of clean that I had while wearing the cup.
  4. Contrary to some of the reviews I read and watched about there being a smell. I had no smell at all. Blood typically doesn’t start to smell until it comes in contact with oxygen so…I had no weird smell at all. Which was nice. I know I’m always paranoid about it.
  5. No waste, I really like the fact that I’m not having to get rid of tampons and pads which can be a bit of a hassle. I feel better knowing I’m not wasting. Although a relatively small impact, I’d still count it as a pro.


  1. YOU HAVE TO GET SO PERSONAL with yourself. I literally had to get my fingers up in there to make sure that the cup was inserted properly. At home cool whatever, but if I were out or at work I can see that being an issue. I’m not trying to walk out of the stall with bloody fingers.
  2. The cup is kinda big. I got the version for people who haven’t birthed a whole human being but I personally still felt as though it was kinda big and lowkey hurt a little when taking it out.

Overall I would say you just have to try it out for yourself. I’ll definitely be using it again. I know there are tons of other cups and products out there and I would like to try some others to see if I like them better. If you all have any suggestions please let me know. Leave your comments, questions, suggestions below. I’d love to hear you all’s opinions.

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