5 Ways to Work Around Business Casual

The pants suit isn’t for everyone and if you’re anything like us, the idea of getting up and leaving your house is one thing; having to put on pants with a zipper is another.

Although the definition of business casual can be broad, this dress code typically allows employees to wear slacks, blouses, and flats in a variety of colors without restricting attire to a dark color scheme of blazers, button-downs, and heels. If you’re still unclear about the popular workplace dress code, we’ve found a cute little guide to clear things up.

Image credit: Pinterest.com

Here are a few tips that we’ve found beneficial towards tip-toeing around the dreaded business casual attire.

  1. A leather jacket.  No need to throw that brand new leather jacket to the back of your closet, wear it to work. Since leather jackets are on the casual side, you might need to dress up the rest of your outfit. Try pairing a leather jacket with a dress or a button-down blouse.

    Image credit: curvesandconfidence.com
  2. Don’t shy away from trends. Just because sheer and off-the-shoulder is on-trend doesn’t mean you have to reserve those looks for the weekend. We don’t recommend showing up to work with your nips out, but a sheer top can easily be made work-appropriate with a top underneath.

    Banana Republic Sheer Overlay Bell-Sleeve Top- 54.00
  3. Bold colors. It can be very easy to stick to black, grey and white for work, however, adding a bright color like pink or orange to your wardrobe can get you excited for work just by trying something new.

    Image credit: stylepantry.com
  4. A new take on the classic blazer. If the thought of a blazer makes your shoulders contract, try a boyfriend blazer. They’re easy to layer in the winter and go with pretty much anything the rest of the year.

    Image credit: stylepantry.com
  5. Experiment with sneakers. Some of us can get away with casual footwear in the workplace. If you can swing it, investing in some trendy shoes will upgrade your work wardrobe and save your feet.

    JSlides ‘Ariana’ Platform Sneaker (Women) from Nordstrom- $89.95

Author: Noelle Bailey

Hey! I'm Noelle. I'm a LA native and self-proclaimed professional daydreamer. When I'm not working I love to blog, enjoy a good view, design, or eat ice cream.

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