Giants Season #2

So if you’re not hip to the magic that is Issa Rae’s YouTube channel, I’m not sure where you’ve been. Living in another dimension perhaps? Anyway, Issa Rae Presents has given us magical content such as Awkward Black Girl, First, Rachetpiece Theatre…the list goes on. But one in series in particular that I have been waiting on more content from was Giants. It’s a series created by James Bland that tells the story of 3 millennials trying to figure out the whole life thing which I don’t think any of us have quite gotten the hang of. In season one we watch the lives of the three main characters Malachi, Journee and Ade unfold over 6 episodes. The show touches on some real subjects like mental health, sexuality and the inner demons we face daily. Now, I maybe partial because I love me some YouTube TV but, I will say this series is definitely worth looking into. I was so hooked after season one I even donated to get Season 2 going. After watching the Trailer I have no regrets on giving up my coins to support. Season 2 drops on February 21st so there’s plenty time to head over to YouTube and binge watch season 1. Let me know what you guys think of it.

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